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DLS/CHS Company
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This is the official LJ for Company, the theatre program for De La Salle and Carondelet. Because although the Company MySpace is nifty, LiveJournal is at least three times better than MySpace. Besides, we can post more stuff here.

2007-2008 Shows
- The Spiral Staircase (drama): Oct. 18th and 19th at 8PM, Oct. 20th at 7PM.
- Applause (musical): Feb. 21 & 28 matinees; Feb. 22, 23, 29, & March 1 evenings
- Greater Tuna (comedy): April 17-19

Director: Patti Stauch
Stage Manager: Nick Scarlott
Chairpersons: Chris Bocchicchio & Emily Dunican
Sets Heads: Matt Olwell & Erinn Kilian
Costumes Head: Emily Dunican
Props Head: Kelly Stich
Lights Head: Andrew Debies
Sound Head: William Grabill
Makeup Head: Megan Meo

So..yes. This community is for talking/sharing about anything even remotely related to Company. Whether it be pictures from show nights, ranting about the latest play, nostalgia, random amusing stories...anything. Anyone is open to join, provided you're in Company, have been in Company, or just think Company is awesome and want to be aware of its goings-on. I think the only other rule is: don't post anything fraught with drama and angst, (it's really not what the community's for) unless said drama and angst being mentioned is being performed onstage. ;]

Also, people who don't have a LiveJournal and, hence, can't be members, can totally feel free to comment. Although if you ever have anything you want to post, you'd either have to tell me about it or...make an LJ. Not that this is a ploy to get my friends to make LiveJournals. Oh no. >.>

By the by, I'm kind of psychotic about making lists. Soo..you'll find lots of those. Including this crazy member list which will look more interesting when more people actually join.

claudia_vice: Sets Crew for All My Sons, Gypsy, CWoWSA, RIaCC,The Real Inspector Hound, & The Spiral Staircase; cast for Hello Dolly (ensemble) & Joseph (Ishmaelite/ensemble); Auxiliary Shedmistress, Company Mutt.
dinolich: Sets Crew for The Foreigner, Hello Dolly, Gypsy, CWoWSA, RIaCC, Joseph, The Real Inspector Hound, & The Spiral Staircase; Costumes Crew for Here and Now; Wielder of the Spatula.
notanantelope: Sets Crew for Here and Now, The Foreigner, Hello Dolly, All My Sons, Gypsy, & Joseph; Props Crew for CWoWSA; cast for RIaCC (Mrs. Rogers), The Real Inspector Hound (Felicity), & The Spiral Staircase (Telephone Operator/understudy); Ex-Shedmistress, Wielder of the Fairy Stick.
mystitat: Cast for Toward Zero (understudy), The Nerd (understudy), Bells Are Ringing (Madam Grimaldi/ensemble), Here and Now (Dodie), The Foreigner (Betty), Hello Dolly (Mrs. Rose/ensemble), All My Sons (Kate), Gypsy (Miss Cratchitt/ensemble), CWoWSA (Nurse/Ophelia/Tybalt), RIaCC (Mrs. Wright), Joseph (Baker/Wife), & The Real Inspector Hound (Mrs. Drudge).
t_rockwell: Sets Crew for The Foreigner, Hello Dolly, All My Sons, Gypsy, & CWoWSA.